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Films — Live-Action In Pitch Black , Riddick appears to be preparing to shank the new female captain from the shadows, but he simply cuts off a piece of her hair to give it a sniff when she isn’t looking. Her assistant professor whom she later marries loves the smell. The book’s main character is Jean-Baptise Grenouille, an unwanted orphan with a powerful sense of smell. Over the course of the story, he becomes obsessed with capturing and bottling the scent of a woman, turning into a creepy serial killer of virgins. Just before he is executed, he pours the perfume that he has made on himself, throwing the crowd gathered to watch his execution into a lusty orgy. Actually, he only used a single drop of his perfect perfume at the execution. Later, using the whole bottle at once causes him to be torn limb from limb and devoured by beggars.

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Petrol Description Guide price: The basic engine underpinnings came from the Carrera 2. The bodywork came in for special treatment resulting in one of the most aggressive looking Porsches ever made with its wide arches and impressive rear ‘whale-tail’ and the brakes were borrowed directly from the Porsche race car. At the end of production in , Porsche decided to mark the occasion by creating a very special Limited Edition – the ultimate Turbo.

stunning Ford Capri Brooklands – maybe best in the world?. My Capri will always be exceptional, genuine and virtually show condition.

Stricklander, more commonly known as Walter Strickler, is a major antagonist-turned-protagonist in Trollhunters the first installment of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy , being the central antagonist in Part 1 and a supporting protagonist in Part 2 and Part 3. He is a changling troll who swapped places with a human named Waltolemew Strickler to disguise himself as a human and fit in to our society.

He is voiced by Jonathan Hyde. Contents [ show ] Personality Stricklander was very scheming, manipulative, and power-hungry. As Jim’s history teacher, he was able to keep him from knowing he was not a human at all, but a changling troll. He also conspired with Bular to capture Jim so he can use his amulet to free the made-of-evil troll named Gunmar. However, after Bular’s death, he conspired again with Angor Rot so he can rule the world with the other changlings. It is unknown why he wanted hegemony.

However, Stricklander eventually found his redemption after Jim and Blinky defended him from the mob of trolls in Trollmarket, and gave Jim Gunmar’s Eye the last Triumbric Stone so the latter can defeat Gunmar himself. However, he is not immediately redeemed, but this eventually happened as the show progressed. Powers and Abilities Shapeshifting:

2005 Audi TT

Though long before any of the European auto marques prowled our roads and interstates, Americans largely bought Detroit-made automobiles. In that sea of land yachts, endless chrome, and tail-fins proliferating from a booming industrial revolution and war-driven economy, foreign automobiles of any kind were virtually non-existent, except for the few aristocrats who could afford the really expensive ones. The presence of European automobiles on U.

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Jason Cammisa Photography by: Andrew Yeadon June 21, Over the past thirteen years, the silver spoilered brat pictured here has confidently watched its owner acquire — and then rid himself of — a hot red Nissan , two Mazdas, a VR6-powered Volkswagen , three Mercedes-Benzes, five BMWs, and a pair of Porsches. From its heated garage spot, it has snickered at Ferraris outside braving the rain and Aston Martins fighting the cold. And it laughs so hard it pees — Mobil 1, on the floor — every time some expensive, exotic new car sits out overnight, suffering the indignity of being molested by the neighborhood cat.

The Giugiaro-designed two-plus-two Scirocco arrived in together with the taller, more utilitarian Rabbit that shared its chassis. A update to the Scirocco kept the A1 underpinnings but ditched the Italian bod in favor of more aerodynamic — but just as angular — styling. A nearly identical-looking Guigiaro-designed sport coupe, the Isuzu Impulse, debuted a year later, fueling endless speculation among the Vee Dub crowd that Wolfsburg had simply stolen the Italian design proposal.

Midway through the model year, though, a mph gust of fresh wind blew into dealers — a hopped-up engine made the Scirocco 16V the fastest and most powerful Volkswagen ever. It redlined at rpm — a tach twitch below the highest-revving Ferrari V-8s of the day — and produced 37 percent more power than its similarly sized eight-valve counterpart. That bee-sting antenna has since become commonplace, but the Scirocco 16V still ranks among the automotive elite on the smiles-per-mile chart.

Rowing the old VW through the gears is a full-on riot, thanks to comically short ratios so closely spaced that you sometimes wonder if you just shifted back into the same gear. Its long stroke creates lots of vibes, but the sixteen-valve engine absolutely loves to rev, and it rewards forays to the top of the tach scale with an unusually baritone exhaust note. A stock Scirocco 16V leans its way through corners with near-perfect balance, holding its inside rear wheel high in the air like other A1 Volkswagens.

1974 Saab 99 LE Racer

Find Used Audi’s sports car heritage is as rich as any manufacturer’s, dating back years to competition at the Isle of Man. In the s Audi achieved real fame with its awesomely powerful Auto-Union grand prix cars, and today it continues to rush forward with the RS6 sedan winning in the Speed Challenge touring car series, and the R8 prototype, fastest sports car in the world, dominating the 24 Hours of Le Mans and international endurance racing, including the American Le Mans Series.

It’s this heritage that drives the Audi TT. But the TT is not an uncompromising car that would rather be on the track; it’s an eminently civilized sports car that employs tricks learned from racing adapted comfortably for the street. Of particular note is the new six-speed gearbox that’s mated to the 3.

The Lamborghini LM was the first production 4×4 built by the Italian supercar (and tractor) builder, it was based on their Cheetah 4×4 prototype which had been intended for military use – with a rear mounted Chrysler V8.

Avant pre-facelift Interior The third generation Audi , launched in September , had an aerodynamic look, achieving a drag coefficient of 0. The increased aerodynamic efficiency resulted in better fuel economy. The design was in contrast from the boxy shape of the C2. Audi innovated flush windows on the C3, a key area for aerodynamic drag that has been widely adopted by other manufacturers. The aerodynamic body gave the higher top speed than other cars of similar engine size.

The two-door models were no longer available, and the Audi Avant was now positioned as a station wagon rather than a hatchback – the Avant designation would now be used for all Audi station wagons from that point forward. The Avant was introduced with available extra folding third row seat — not available in conjunction with ABS-brakes as the brake control unit sat in the same space.

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The majority of people are attracted to interesting people. Therefore, if you wish to be attractive to the ideal woman, it would make sense that you work on making yourself an interesting person. Where can you start?

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Here are some of the many highlights. It was based on the Volkswagen Beetle but powered by an air-cooled 1. It made its debut at the Daytona hour race in , securing a sixth place finish and a class victory. Power was sourced from a highly-tuned 2. To kids growing up in the 70s, this was the daddy, with its 5. Porsche built far more than the required for homologation purposes, with most sold in the USA.

The K3 is owned by Petersen founding chairman, Bruce Meyer. The H50 concept of is powered by a hp V8 engine, which is enough to propel this practical to a top speed of mph. Sadly, after 5, miles of testing, the Porsche engineers decided that it lacked the required structural rigidity and it was pushed to the back of the factory. James Knight, the auctioneer on the day, said: It’s exactly how a would have looked, smelt and felt like when James Dean famously purchased his example back in In the s, he sold the car to Bruce Meyer, but purchased the Porsche again just seven years later.

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If the original purchaser registers their firearm with Beretta, they automatically receive an additional two years of warranty coverage for a total of three years. Sako and Tikka rifles carry a Two-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials or workmanship. Beretta’s warranty information is listed below.

The Renault 5 is a four passenger, three or five-door, front-engine, front wheel drive hatchback supermini manufactured and marketed by Renault over two generations – (also called R5) and – (also called Super 5 or Supercinq). The R5 was marketed in the US as Le Car, from to The R5 spawned the Renault 7, a four door sedan variant manufactured marketed –

Motor Trend Staff Photos: Manufacturer April 28, Although midsize sedans have historically been sales leaders, compact sedans have become just as important. In fact, compacts can lure young buyers into showrooms in hopes of making them lifetime brand customers. The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have been the two best-selling compact sedans for years and are worth a closer look.

This car comparison is based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of the automotive market but not necessarily recent driving experience. Although the Toyota Corolla sedan also got a five-star overall safety rating, it only scored four stars in the frontal crash and rollover tests a Corolla being tested by the IIHS is shown above. Both cars earned a Good rating in all of the IIHS crash tests and a Superior rating for their available front crash prevention systems.

Honda Civic View 18 Photos The Honda Civic sedan is available with two engines—both of which are significantly quicker than the Corolla’s sole engine offering. With the base hp, lb-ft of torque 2. The Civic’s available hp, lb-ft turbocharged 1. In comparison, the Corolla’s hp, lb-ft 1. Although all three engines are offered with a manual transmission, all our testing was done with the continuously variable transmission CVT option.

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