5.1 Sound Systems

To try to get this working, I recently purchased a secondary amp with RCA inputs to power the extra speakers. The additional speakers 5 pairs are mounted in the ceilings throughout the house. I also have a speaker selector box so that I can select which room or rooms I want to send the sound to. The output can be mono. I just want some sound to the other rooms. Any ideas short of buying a new amp with a 2nd zone output? Thanks, -Rich DiPietro Hi, Rich, This is a question that we get from time to time for various receivers so I’ll answer for your specific receiver but will also give suggestions that would work for any receiver. Obviously the best option to accomplish what you are trying to do would be to use a “Zone 2” line level output or a “B Speakers” speaker output if your receiver had either of these which it doesn’t.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

Settings Library – Along with a useful library of EQ and Dynamics settings, operators can store their own settings in the console or to a USB memory stick, making initial set up and transition between shows even easier. Sophisticated Cue List Management – Allows changes to be applied to multiple cues and recall scope to be set per snapshot. Automated microphone mixing – STUDER vMIX processing is built-in, with ability to seamlessly process up to two separate groups of 16 inputs, with clear and intuitive metering showing gain reduction.

Snapshot crossfades – Snapshot recalls can use crossfades to transition smoothly from one setting to the next. Adjust monitor levels from the stage.

Designed, kw series speakers is a 35 mm pole 1 k sub to hook up. October qsc international distributor qsc k series tops have a full copy of products offer using various aspects of dbx xs. The out preform my amps match both blue in color so – english hookup drawings for.

I’ve loved movies since I was a kid and have been interested in home theater for more than 20 years now. There are many reasons I prefer watching movies at home versus the local cinema: There’s no texting or talking, for example, and I can pause the movie if I need a potty break. But the biggest reason I love watching at home is the sound. Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not that the local theater sounds bad; it’s just that my home theater sounds better overall, especially when it comes to bass. Sure, the local cineplex can play loud and has an adequate amount of bass. But the physics of low-frequency reproduction is to compress and rarefy air, and when you’re sitting in a room that can be upwards of , cubic feet, the subwoofers have to compress a lot of air in order to give you that pounding-in-the-chest feeling I get at home.

My home theater is approximately 5, cubic feet, and every sub I’ve ever owned or used has had more of a visceral impact in my own environment than I’ve ever felt at a cineplex. SVS is an Ohio-based manufacturer of subwoofers and other speakers and has been serving the home theater market since using the Internet as their storefront.

By selling direct and cutting out the middleman, they’ve been able to offer a lot more bass for the buck versus your local brick-and-mortar brand. Even better, I get paid to play with a couple of new toys, and I finally get to explore a question that has intrigued me for years: What’s better, a sealed sub or a ported one? Its custom-designed inch high-output driver has been “matched and maximized” to its watt RMS 1, watts peak amplifier in order to provide clean bass response and plenty of punch.

Help with hookup – 2 QSC K12’s, 1 QSC sub

Baha’i Center, Valencia, San Francisco, A beautiful art-deco building run by some pretty wonderful people. The acoustics are tremendous, probably a NC All powered by Crown K-2’s.

The KSC subwoofer represents the world’s first-in-class single-box powered cardioid subwoofer solution for highly portable entertainment and installation applications.

Just like you have tenors, basses, sopranos and altos in a choir, different sizes of speakers handle different ranges better. This is why a speaker system generally has more than one actual speaker built into it. There is a large distinction between subwoofers and speakers. To achieve a quality sound system, especially for use by singers, bands and DJs, you will generally have a setup that features speakers and subwoofers, as well as tweeters, mid-ranges and woofers, because they each handle a different range of notes and sounds and when used together, the entire range of sound is covered.

What is a Subwoofer A “sub” or subwoofer is actually a woofer, or a loudspeaker, and its purpose is reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies. This is also referred to as bass in common language. Video of the Day Subwoofers Form and Design As for a subwoofer’s structure, it is usually a wooden or plastic loudspeaker enclosure that is fitted with one or more woofers.

The manner in which the woofers are placed creates room for the birth of several subwoofer variants.

KLH ASW10120 Subwoofers

Our system engineers have created the KW Series to feature all the groundbreaking electronic attributes of our popular K Series while at the same time designing a product that is both smaller and significantly lighter than previous wood enclosure models. And continuing in the K Series tradition, every model is fitted with the identical high-output 1. Extensive signal processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total output that defy all expectations for a product in this category: The result is a speaker that behaves equally well across the entire sound field.

Compact yet Powerful Active Subwoofer from QSC. The KSub — a member of QSC’s K Series — offers impressive sound quality, high wattage, and relatively light weight in an easy to transport package/5(27).

Plug the power cord into the subwoofer. Plug the power cords into both surround speakers. Then, slide the power cord into the wire clamp. Plug all the power cords into AC wall outlets. To turn the soundbar on, press the Power button on the soundbar or remote. If the LINK indicators do not stop blinking, the linking process has failed.

Amp has power, but no sound!

Tweet March 17, GoodSound! Paul has used NRC’s advanced facilities to design his loudspeakers and subwoofers since the early ’70s. Paul had some interesting things to say about the basics of subwoofer placement Benefits of a sub The use of subwoofers in home audio is an issue of contention among audiophiles.

Feb 16,  · best way to hook up k series speakers and k sub. Forum. DJing Discussion. I have a k sub and to qsc k12s. my question is best way to hook them up. i will be coming out of my ttm Im assuming a into a on sub b into b on sub them to the highs, yes? But I can see how the K series can hook up that way though. J2t AM – 16 February.

Is there any danger of damaging the receiver by hooking up ONLY 2 speakers to the receiver till a better set of speakers are obtained, not worried so much about these And what channels should a person only hook the 2 speakers to? Discussion is locked Permalink You are posting a reply to: All submitted content is subject to our Terms of Use. Track this discussion and email me when there are updates If you’re asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

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QSC KS212C – K Cardioid Subwoofer

By using an old P. Steps 1 Gather up an amplifier or head unit that uses VAC, any home theater sub or low frequency speaker with a large RMS handle and a power inverter one that plugs into the cigarette light if possible. If there is a switch on the inverter you will also make sure it is in the on position. If the head unit powers up with out the inverter reading battery overload then you are fine to continue. If it is a 30A then the fuse box in your car also needs to have a fuse that is marked 30A you can pick up fuses at Walmart for under five dollars.

Once you have taken the time to wire everything up so that the head unit turns on and the fuse to the cigarette lighter hasn’t blown then you can move on with out worry.

Jul 26,  · The QSC manual for the K series speakers recommends hooking up the K12 (or K8, K10) 1st from the mixer. Then run XLR cabling to the sub(s). Both K12’s should be set to “EXT SUB”.

Again depending on how new the player is it will most likely have a HDMI output This connector handles both video and audio and makes it very easy to hook up. Go into the receivers menu and find the setting that assigns the input connections see manual for information. In the Players menu you will need to set up a few things that normally are not set properly. First find the video settings in the players menu and select the “aspect ratio” Most new TV’s are what is called If you have an older more square stile of display CRT Tube type you should select 4: Next, under the “Audio settings” you need to select two very important things.

These composite video cables come with three cables that have rca connectors on each end that are color coded Red, Blue and green and attach to the same colored connections on both the player and the receiver. Hook this up to the connector labelled Digital optical. Hooking up satellite or other set top receiver we will call these Set Top Boxes or STB ; If you receive cable or satellite you likely have some sort of receiver that acts as a tuner.

How do I connect my pioneer sx-2300 receiver to new modern powered speakers (QSC K10s)?

At this point, buying preamps and discrete seperate audio components may well be getting you in too deep. There’s a lot of knowledge you need to have before you try to do anything in that route. Especially since you’re talking about 4-ohm speakers. Almost all consumer-level equipment is 8-ohm If you use different impedance equipment say 4ohm speakers with a receiver rated for 8ohms without taking into consideration all the factors, you can easily damage or destroy your speakers and the amplifier section of your receiver or discrete amplifier, etc etc It is possible to run mismatched equipment but speakers have to be hooked up in groups bye bye 5.

There is such a thing as a bridgeable amplifier, but no, you can’t hook two high-ohm receivers together to run a low-ohm speaker. As for how much power you need, watts per channel is more than enough for most people’s home theatre.

The KSub by QSC, sets a new standard for lightweight active subwoofers for the K Series loudspeaker systems.

Integrated amplifier and transducer protection. These optimum results are only attainable with a 15 inch 3-way powered speaker constructed of the highest quality materials utilizing the latest technological advances in speaker design. But its trapezoidal design and M10 rigging points also make it the perfect choice for permanent installations.

In designing the KW Series, QSC’s engineers have created what can only be described as the next evolutionary step in wood enclosure loudspeakers. All models in the line are smaller, significantly lighter, and more rugged than previous wood enclosure loudspeakers. The KW represents the pinnacle of this series, packing a huge punch into a surprisingly manageable package. So it should come as no surprise that the KW features a super-clean, ultra-lightweight, highly-reliable, watt 2 x Class D power module.

Speaking of Excellence In addition to the 1. This 3-way configuration not only takes some of the stress off each of the individual components, it also results in a much smoother and wider overall frequency response — 35 Hz to 18 kHz at -6 dB and 33 Hz to 20 kHz at dB. DMT duplicates LF and HF dispersion across the entire listening area, effectively eliminating dead zones and hot spots.

With the KW , there is no longer a bad seat in the house.


Panasonic touts the watt soundbar as a “home theater system with subwoofer,” but since it’s all integrated into one unit and there isn’t nearly enough room for low end to properly resonate like in a conventional subwoofer, I can’t honestly describe the HTB70 as having a subwoofer. It’s more comparable to the Yamaha YAS , another soundbar with all of its components, including low end drivers, in one cabinet.

The HTB70’s design is minimalist to a fault. Instead of a read-out with numbers and letters, the LEDs are just points of light over labels that are almost impossible to read without having your face a few inches from the soundbar. Some of the LEDs light up in easily recognizable patterns when changing the volume or adjusting dialogue and “subwoofer” levels, but if you want to know which input is active or what sound mode the soundbar is currently on, you’ll have to either squint or get closer.

I provide a PA for my cover band. We do person rooms for the most part, but sometimes we’ll do outdoor shows as well where we bring a larger PA. It doesn’t make me an expert, but I can at least share my experiences and opinions. I would estimate that over the past years, I have done at least gigs where I provide sound. I will try to keep this brief, but with as much info as I can. Please ask questions if you want clarification.

First topic – Subs:

How & where to use the QSC KSub

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